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I became an astrologer in 1989 after visiting Egypt.Later I would find the teacher Steven Forrest who taught me how to understand astrology through the heart. I went on to study with Steven and became one of the founding members of hist Astrological Apprenticeship program. Trained teacher and founding member of The Gong Avatar Academy focusing on planetary gongs. Kundalini Yoga teacher trained in India by Yogi Bhajan, I have what is considered a very challenging chart by most astrologers (12/09/1966 at 7:25 AM in Hollywood Fl. ) I love my chart because it helps me to understand who I am and accept others as unique divine individuals. We all have a part to play in this seemingly random, chaotic and perfect symphony we call life. I am here to serve, here to uplift and here to give the deepest love of my soul to those in need.

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